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£25,000 handed over to charities close to our hearts

9th August 2010

As a result of our campaign we raised over £25,000 which we handed over to three charities close to our hearts. £18,000 has been handed over to Myeloma UK (The only Myeloma charity in the country), £2,000 to our local Sue Ryder Hospice Manorlands and £5,000 to the haematology and oncology day unit at Airedale General Hospital.

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Jacky Pickles, Janice Wrigglesworth and Marie Morton are three women from Yorkshire who suffer from multiple myeloma - a type of blood cancer. Our fight for access to the life prolonging drug Velcade has been widely reported in the media and we became known as “The Velcade Three”.

The Velcade Three are campaigning to make the drug Velcade available to sufferers all over the country

The Velcade Three are campaigning to make the drug Velcade available to multiple myeloma sufferers all over the country. We would like to hear from any myeloma sufferers out there who may be entitled to legal aid and will need Velcade or those who have been refused this drug - please get in touch.

We would love to hear from people who have had Velcade and are in plateau. How long post-treatment are you? Please do contact us for a chat.

An important announcement from Jacky Pickles

Over the past 12 months Janice has been extremely ill and therefore has not been able to fulfill her usual active campaigning role. Also Marie and I are expecting to undergo more treatment as our Myeloma is becoming active again.

It is with this in mind that if the Myeloma community feels our work is done then we, “The Velcade Three”, will donate funds made to the charities previously mentioned. We will not make any decisions for four weeks. This gives anyone in the Myeloma community time to e-mail us with any outstanding issues that they feel we need to address before stepping down from our active role as campaigners for Velcade.

Please e-mail us with your thoughts at